About Us

Scatty Cats

Scatty Cats designs are specially designed for personal clients and also for the retails stores that are very luxurious. The brand is known by its tradition, innovativeness and personality. This company came into existence in the year 1997. It was included in the New York state in the year 2003. The main vision of Scatty Cats has been to develop exceptional jewelry that is designed exquisitely and by hand by making use of time-honored techniques. They have been made for daily use. The inspiration and vision is visible in every piece that we manufacture. The Scatty Cats artisan jewelers who work on the New York workshop use the similar techniques of handcrafting that was brought by Leon from Europe. Scatty Cats won some prestigious awards during his long tenure in jewelry. These awards include AJDC New Talent Award, A’Design Award, Spectrum Award etc. The company holds its reputation to provide high quality and business ethics. Leon works individually with each client and he himself looks after the production of every piece. There are contented customers in all the main cities on every continent. Scatty Cats is a hallmark of style and quality right from Shanghai to Milan and all throughout United States of America. Made in New York Nowadays, Scatty Cats Inc is located in a spacious penthouse suite right in the heart Of Diamond district in New York city. You will find twenty feet high vaulted ceiling hand that is plastered with a floral pattern by an English mason. You can also find dark oak paneling that is from 1912. There is also the huge Gothic fireplace that keeps one warm in the month of November when it is very cold. There are beautifully styled cathedral windows. There is also the Tuscan style deck and all these serve as a beautiful backdrop.