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Welcome To Scatty Cats Jewellery Store

Scatty Cats gold jeweler is a luxury trademark that mirrors the designer himself with adoration for fine stones and exceptional designs is harmonized only by his craving to form fantastic jewels for each client. Handmade wedding and engagement gold jewellery. Customized one of the kind men's and women's gold jewelry for your special occesions.

Mephis Scatty Cat - White Gold

Wonderful diamonds are carefully set to get the most out of the design and detailed mill grain chasing acts as a final touch. This ring is offered in all size.

Zend Scatty Cat - White Gold

Gentle appearing white gold ring is completely hand engraved throughout. The shank elegantly leads into 2 areas drawing attention to the middle of the stone. Excellent cut diamonds at 3 pts. each total . The center can be made for any size stone.

Imperium Scatty Cat - White Gold

Two fine eternity band edges border an intricate ornament design in diamonds. Very beautiful. Period engraving stone not included. Available in white gold. Call us for details.



It's remained glittery for over six months now. I wear it all the time. The unbelievable price and real value in gold makes this deal excellent choice.

- Liz Palmblad